You are where you’re supposed to be.

You are where you’re supposed to be.
Look no further, look no back.
You are where you’re supposed to be.
The mountains that you’re carrying,
You were only supposed to climb.

You have seen the dream,
You have tasted the gold,
You have nurtured the wine,
You have given life to the dream,
You are the light you were always looking for.
You have come a long way not to rest or settle.

This is just the plateau.

You have survived your worst days and you’re still reading this.
You have already conquered your biggest fears and tallest mountains.
You have loved and lost.
You have worked and failed on your own terms.
You have worked and succeeded on your own terms.
You have earned and spent it entirely.
Here you are, lying in the laps of the holy mother, feeling happy and at home, wishing to make that vision a reality.

The only one standing between you and the vision is another mountain.
This one is different because you know him partially.
This one looks quite feasible but like mine, yours or anyone’s history would say
“Never assume,
Never expect,
Only accept,
And adapt.”
So the only way out for you is to endure anything that’s coming in your way, to climb this mountain of yours, standing tall and proud in your way.

The force of attraction for the place behind the mountain is totally out of love.
It’s not attracting rather let yourself be pulled towards it.
You’re not sure whether the place exists or not.
But don’t you dare or question.
This is your leap of faith.

The route may not be clear,
But don’t you quit.
Be like water, my friend. Everything in your way is meant to teach you a lesson.
Learn. Fail. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Earn.
Your questions will be figured but don’t you stop BELIEVING.
You’re always on your way to become something big.
Keep climbing. And follow your heart; it knows what’s best for you.

You will be right there, where you are supposed to be.

Let the sharing games
& showering love begin.

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